Landscape Lighting and Overhead Floodlights

Summary: Overhead floodlights can provide some of the light in the landscape garden but does have some “requirements.” However, using low voltage, solar or malibu lighting can enhance the overall lighting impact.


Question: Can we use overhead lighting to light our garden instead of garden lights installed on the ground. Cayleigh, La Habra, California

Answer: Cayleigh, overhead floodlighting can provide the bulk of your general outside lighting requirements outdoors where you have an overhanging tree, eave or roof, or where your patio is covered with a semi-solid or louvered ceiling.

If the terrace or patio is uncovered, fasten your lights as high as possible on an adjoining house wall or tall tree.

If no very tall near-by structure is available, then use louvered housings over your lights to give maximum shielding and protection against glare.

Since these lights are frequently rather close, avoid the danger of them being too bright by using smaller bulbs.

Use 75-watt bulbs, in most cases, to provide numerous small pools of overlapping light. The result will be more pleasant than if a single bright, larger bulb is used.

Plan the wiring for these outdoor lights for control by an indoor switch. This switch control is essential for protection against prowlers, for maximum convenience during inclement weather, and for safety when closing up for the night.

On larger terraces, it is usually a good idea to split the lights on more than one switch, so that only a part of the lighting can be turned on if desired.