Landscape Lighting – Add Security and Accents to Your Home and Garden


Landscaping lights add a touch of color to your gardens. By using landscape lights in your yard, you not only add security to your home, as well as add beauty and style.

You can add lights to any landscape design.

Installing solar lights in your front or backyard is an easy chore that almost anyone can do himself or herself.

Landscaping Lighting for Added Security

Solar yard lights are a great way to give yourself a little added security for your home. Lights will brighten darker areas in the yard as well as making it easier to see steps or offsets in your landscape.

Accenting The Garden

A great way to enhance your garden area is by installing garden solar lighting. You can find all kinds of different styles of lights to enhance your landscape design.

Lighting fixtures for the yard are usually inexpensive ways to add charm and style to any area. These fixtures make a great feature in flowerbeds and should be included in rock garden designs.

Different Types of Landscape Lights

Lights for the yard are usually powered by two different sources. One option is a line low voltage lights that get their power from your homes electrical system and using a transformer to reduce the voltage. Wires are run underground.

These are used more for larger landscaping ideas and are better for someone who has some experience with electrical work.

Outdoor solar lighting fixtures have a solar cell that absorbs energy from the sun and stores it in rechargeable batteries.

These types of lights are less expensive; however how long and bright the light shines depends on the amount of sunlight it has stored in it. With a few clicks, these lights are put together and installed.

Great Ways To Use Garden Lighting to Decorate

Lighting fixtures can be used to decorate any yard. Use them to line a walkway or path to the house. Not only will they add light they will also add charm and style to any home.

If you decide to use the electric lights, you can change the light bulbs in them to coordinate with any holiday. Use red and green for Christmas, or pastel colors for the spring and Easter holidays. This is a fun and easy decorating idea.

Yard Lighting – Party Lights

Outdoor lights are wonderful for entertaining. When you have lights around your yard, it will make everyone feel welcome as the “spill lighting” make things easier visually for evening parties.

Using outdoor solar lighting around the yard is also a great way to show off your newly designed landscape.

Lights used in the garden can bring focus in your yard and features in your landscaped area. Everyone will enjoy the beauty of looking into your backyard and everything all lit up.