Landscape Garden Ideas For Small Backyards, Townhouses and Patios


Landscaping can transform any area, even small backyards or patios into a relaxing oasis. Don’t think the landscape design must cover large areas. City townhouses with a small patio can become wonderful places to entertain or a quite place for your own personal getaway.


Outdoor wireless speakers, brick or patio pavers, decorative urns or flower pots, flowering plants and even grass can play a part in landscaping a small space. The addition of easy to install low voltage small garden lights can extend your back yard enjoyment when the sun goes down.

However, no matter what you use your backyard area for; there are dozens of design ideas for patios to transform your outdoor space. When it comes to making it personal – a small pond equipped with splashing water can create a tropical feel right outside the backdoor.

Creative Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas and Plans Anyone Can Do

The biggest key to success is making your vision come alive and pop comes from landscape planning. Browsing through magazines, looking at existing patios can help you create a picture in your mind and help visualize and style the look you’re trying to achieve.

Just as you would decorate a room with a focal point, take the time to draw up a plan or design that include the focal points you want to jump out and draw your eyes too.

Depending on the space available – don’t forget incorporating a lawn into the landscape DIY project. I love the look of well groomed grass.

Patio Plants for Small Spaces

A back yard with a small patio does not mean plants cannot be incorporated to add color. If your patio area has good bright shade of light… consider placing a Mandavilla trellis with bright colored flowers to welcome guest.


The space used is small but it can pack a colorful punch! Another option is a braided Hibiscus tree or Purple Glory Tibouchina tree.   For the best blast of Hibiscus color, look at the red or pink varieties.

The yellow although pretty does not seem to put off as many flowers.

A splash of vibrant wild flowering plants and decorative landscaping materials set against a dark green carpet of grass – jumps off of natures canvas.

When designing small areas, choose fun colors or patterns in the patio floor design. Consider tiles, pavers, flagstone or stones to add the special touches to your backyard giving it your personal touch.

If a tropical getaway fits your backyard design theme, string up a hammock to enjoy the warm summer breeze.

Sounds Of Water

The sound of water offers a soothing atmosphere, small backyard pond complete with blooming water lilies, pre-fab waterfall and even a Jacuzzi or hot tub can give you a place to relax after a long day at work. Don’t forget a privacy fence.

Here are 2 Easy Projects to add a water feature to your landscape.

If you’re landscaping plan includes adding in any kind of exotic flowers make sure you take into account the amount of sunlight available and the trees and plants requirements.

Instead of planting directly in the ground soil, pick up some of the decorative planters available and keep things containerized.

If room is available, extending your backyard patio will give more space for entertaining. Adding a roof or canvas cover will allow you to enjoy the outdoor even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Many landscaping ideas and landscaping projects can “happen” and be completed over one or two weekends. Make it special, make it you and make it reflect your own personality, style and getaway.