How To Effectively Use Outdoor Garden Mirrors

When we mention the word “mirror” few of us think of their use in the garden landscape. Just as mirrors can make indoor spaces appear larger, they do the same outdoors, along with reflecting light and being focal points to draw our eyes. Just like reflective gazing balls!


Yes mirrors in the garden do have some drawbacks – birds flying into them and the reflection of sun can burn plants. But do mirrors have their place?

A post from successfulgardendesign.com provided lots of details and even some caution on using garden mirrors.

  • Mirror Size
  • Creating An Illusion with Placement
  • Ideas and Examples
  • Tips On Getting The Best View
  • Type Of Mirror To Use
  • A Caution

Here’s a tip from successfulgardendesign.com:

“A quick tip is to take one of your house mirrors out into the garden and try it out in different locations to get a feel of where is the best place, if it isn’t obvious, like at the end of a path, for example. That way you can see what is reflected back.” source: successfulgardendesign.com

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Here are several other posts from midwestliving.com, empressofdirt.net and satoridesignforliving.com on the use of mirrors in the garden.

When done right they can be a wonderful addition to a garden. What you ever used mirrors in your garden design?