How To Transfer An Image To A Rock

Here is a cool simple and beautiful DIY project that shows you how to transfer an image to a rock or piece of marble, for decorating.

You may be saying… “Cool Idea, but WHY?”

There are many ways to make a garden, deck or patio unique. Much of it depends on you, your garden, and the role a garden has played in your life.


Example Ideas:

  • Let’s say you have some river rocks from the Smokey Mountains and your mother loved the Smokey’s. Putting her image on a rock is a way to reflect and remember her as you are spending time out in the garden.
  • Put the birth date of a a family member or good friend on a rock to put in your garden or present to them as a gift. Sort of quirky, funny and fun.

Over all it is an interesting way to decorate, create interest along with making a garden or patio unique.

Check out the tutorial at:


  • If these rocks will be exposed to the weather they will most likely need some type of a sealer painted on them.
  • When you visit the site the how-to guide which is at the bottom of the article… make sure to read the tutorial thoroughly!

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