How To Make Citronella Candles And Send Mosquitoes Packing

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Many homeowners like to incorporate citronella candles outdoors when they entertain as a natural mosquito repellent.

The candles use pure citronella oil and other essential oils to create a natural solution for repelling mosquitoes.

We’ve shared a post on plants used to repel mosquitoes. And one of the most popular plants used in many commercial products to control mosquitoes is the lemongrass, citronella grass or citronella plant (cymbopogon nardus).

Whether you like being indoors or spend lots of time outdoors, you probably want to keep mosquitoes as far away from you as possible. You’ll find candles containing oil of citronella a part of many outdoor parties and barbecue’s to keep mosquitoes away.

“Oil of citronella was first registered in the United States in 1948. It is currently on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (U.S. EPA) list of minimum risk pesticides.” source

Making a citronella candle is not difficult. In fact, they are made as torches, in cans, mason jars, wine bottles, and votive candles all used as the “candle holder” with beeswax or soy as the wax.

Here’s how you make citronella candles?

Materials Needed:

  • Can or Mason Jar
  • Wax (paraffin wax, soy wax, old candles)
  • Double boiler
  • re-waxed wicks with 6 inches tabs
  • Citronella oil for making candles (use one oz. per lb. of wax)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Other scents (essential oils) for making candles like mandarin orange, pine, peppermint, or eucalyptus.

The Steps:

  • Using the hot glue gun, attach the wicks to the bottom of the can and press firmly so it can affix to the center. If the can is big enough, attach two or three wicks spaced out evenly around the center.
  • Assemble the double boiler and add old candles or wax in small pieces. Heat over with medium heat until the wax melts.
  • Add the fragrance to the melted wax. Add one oz. of citronella oil per pound of wax. Enhance the citronella scent with half oz. of other scents (essential oils) per pound of wax.
  • Allow wax to cool and pour it into the cans. Maneuver wicks to keep them in the center of the can. As the wax cools, secure them with a clothespin or chopstick to keep them in line. Let them cool completely.
  • If you still notice some unfilled areas around the wick when the wax has cooled, warm up some wax and pour it into the unfilled areas.
  • Allow your candles to cool for 48 hours undisturbed before lighting them. When you fire them up, let it burn for some time so that there’s a wide pool of wax before blowing it out; It’s said the first candle burn set the tone for later burns.
  • Decorate your homemade citronella candles by wrapping them in twine, yarn or burlap.

Make amazing DIY citronella candles to light up your garden, patio, or deck and also to keep the buzzing insects at bay. has a good tutorial showing how to make your own citronella candles and enjoy the outdoors with less mosquitoes.

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A quick web search shows several tutorials on making insect repellent candles. They use citronella oil combined with other essential oils to keep away those unwanted mosquitoes. They also make a great way to spice things up as table decorations used as floating candles with fresh herbs, lemons or limes!

Check out these bug banishing DIY ideas and projects!

citronella-candles-010214Pin When summer hits, unwelcome visitors show up… mosquitoes and other pests.

Amy over at said, “I discovered that most citronella candles sold in chain stores are a racket, I decided to try my hand at making my own! After doing a little research, I was happy to discover the process really is quite simple.” [Details]

11 DIY Insect Repellent Citronella Candles

Shelterness has a collection of 11 DIY insect repellent candles to keep flying insects, bugs and other pests away while you’re enjoying time outside on the deck, patio or garden. Visit the Shelterness repellant candle collection here.

scented-candle-111513Pin Using a small jar for the candle, a beeswax block, candle wick, some essential oils including the citronella essential oil, double boiler and thermometer you can make your own insect repellant candle. Over at the blog they share the materials, how to and images to make your own. [Details]

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