How To Clean Absolutely Anything And Everything


Nobody likes things that are not clean. It is frustrating to find something you use and like on a daily basis – dirty. It is even more frustrating when you cannot get the stains out or get it clean!

FYI here are 30+ cleaning tricks for those who are meticulous.

Now, you can wash away your “dirt” frustrations. This post shares dozens of easy ways to clean everything from sweat stains to blinds, and waves goodbye to dirt and hello to clean.

Currently there are 87 items on the list. Below are a few of the items covered and what is used to clean them!

  • The Keurig Coffee Maker – Vinegar
  • Bluejean Stains – Face wipes that are alcohol free
  • Lampshades – Lint Roller
  • Makeup Brushes – Baby Shampoo (Details)
  • Nail Polish on Carpet – Alcohol & Microfiber Cloth
  • Removing Paint From Clothing – A Simple Razor
  • Red Wine – Shaving Cream
  • Linoleum Scuff Marks – Ordinary eraser
  • Stainless Steel Refrigerators – white vinegar, dish soap and water (Details)
  • Sterling Silver – Cool Trick using tartar control toothpaste
  • Yellowed Pillowcases – Recipe includes laundry detergent, powdered dishwasher detergent, bleach, and borax (Details)

You’re sure to find a solution to one of you difficult cleaning problems at: