$13 Bucks And How To Build An Outdoor Bench

Having a place to sit and enjoy the crisp fall evenings and spring flowers makes time in the garden special. This project on “How To Build An Outdoor Bench” with a whopping cost of $13 bucks makes it easy on the pocket book.

Amy over at the TheIdeaRoom.net posted a nice tutorial of a simple DIY project on how she built an outdoor bench made from 2×4’s. She shared the bench plans, materials list (all $13 worth for the lumber) and images of the steps.

Amy says, the “bench only cost about $13, so you can feel good about leaving it outdoors or it’s cute enough to bring inside.” Her inspiration came from a cute bench she found on Instagram.

A “Trick” On How To Build An Outdoor Bench

Amy also shared a nice little trick. “I decided to go for a highly distressed (chippy paint) look. First I stained the bench a dark brown color.

Once the stain dried fully, I used a little petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and applied a small amount on the corners and edges where I didn’t want the paint to stick.

I used a white latex paint and painted the whole bench white and let the paint dry.

Anywhere I put the Vaseline, the paint kind of cracked and didn’t stick. I used a corner cat sander to distress the paint and rough it up.”

From the images the bench turned out great! I’ll bet it would look great on your front porch or out in the back yard!

Check out the full project details Via theidearoom.net