33 Problems Every Teacher Will Understand

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Kimberly Queen & Emerald Queen Ferns

Nephrolepis obliterata also known as the Australian sword fern or Kimberly queen is one of the easier ferns to grow. Originating from Australia, this is considered to be one of the most beautiful … [Read more...]

Calathea Care For The Home and Landscape

Calathea is tropical plant that is also known as the Zebra Plant or Zebrina Plant (Calathea zebrina). These plants are used mainly for their vibrant colorful leaves. Colors include yellow, rose, … [Read more...]

Removing Bromeliad Flowers After They Fade

Question: My Guzmania bromeliad plant is done blooming. How should I care for it? Patricia, Georgia Answer: Patricia, a few months have probably past since you got your Guzmania bromeliad. The … [Read more...]

African Violet Care: Growing In Winter and Summer

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Grow A Fresh Natural Lemon Scented Air Freshener

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Dracaena Fragrans Massangeana: The Indoor Cane Corn Plant

Summary: Dracaena fragrans the "corn plant", grown in many forms, usually multiple plants of staggered heights, hardy indoors when acclimated. Fragrans is the solid green variety of Dracaena we … [Read more...]