Growing African Violets My Way

Summary: "African Violets My Way" comes from the personal growing experiences of Evelyn Pelt... a long time grower of the wonderful house plants. This is one way I have gained so much knowledge in … [Read more...]

Anthurium the Flamingo Flower: Growing your Anthuriums as a Houseplant

The family of Araceae provide for us many of the indoor plants enjoyed today. It is a large and diverse family of plants. Among these indoor air cleaning favorites are: Spathiphyllum - "Peace … [Read more...]

Maranta leuconeura – The Prayer Plant

Maranta leuconeura is known as the "Prayer Plant." The reason why? Marantas fold their leaves into a huddle at night and go to "sleep." The leaves fold upward like praying hands giving the plant … [Read more...]

Great Ways To Start A Plant Headache

I always try to keep an eye out for plant related things... even when I'm driving. While I was waiting for my daughter one day, I noticed an SUV parked next to me with a beautiful orchid … [Read more...]

Dracanea: The Plant Tip That Took A Whole Year To Write

You're probably asking "Why" this Plant Tip took a whole year to write? Are you a slow writer or what? Let me explain. I have always been interested in trying different ways of growing plants. It … [Read more...]

Flowering House Plants – Tips for Longer Lasting Flowers, Tropical Orchids and Bromeliads

When buying flowering house plants online, at the grocery store or your local nursery, there are a few steps you can take to make those colorful houseplants last longer and create a little more garden … [Read more...]

Cold Hardy Tropical Plants – Effects of Cold Temperatures on Plant Growth

Question: When winter rolls around this question starts coming in. "It got cold last night and I forgot my usually hardy tropical plant - Ficus or Dracaena - sat outside in the cold temperatures. Now … [Read more...]

Growing Peruvian Daffodil Lily Bulbs

The Peruvian daffodil is a very striking plant in any garden. The large white blossoms are very fragrant as well as attractive. The foliage is lustrous throughout the growing season, giving real … [Read more...]

Dracaena Warneckii – The Outstanding Interior Plant

What do you usually look for when you shop for indoor or interior plants? Do you prefer beautiful flowering plants over striking foliage plants? Do bushy plants appeal more to you than upright … [Read more...]

Drowning Plants – Diseases Start When Soils Don’t Dry Out

Living in south Florida holds some advantages... and not just South Beach. It's usually warm, sunny with lots of beautiful foliage plants to name a few. Although great weather does carry some climatic … [Read more...]