Crotons – Colorful Plants for Indoors Use

Question: We had many a croton plant growing outdoors in Florida when I was growing up and I remember them being so colorful. Can crotons be grown indoors and bring all their vibrant color inside? … [Read more...]

Cyclamen Plant Care: How To Care For Cyclamen Plants

The cyclamen plant is a lovely perennial tuber from the Primulacaea family, native to Mediterranean countries such as the Greek Islands, Turkey and some parts in Europe. The name “Cyclamen” comes … [Read more...]

Lucky Bamboo: How To Grow And Care For Dracaena sanderiana

The “Lucky Bamboo Plant” really isn’t a bamboo even though it may resemble one. It comes from the Dracaena family and is the species Dracaena sanderiana. Whatever you want to call this “good luck … [Read more...]

17 Best Bathroom Plants, How To Use, How To Choose, No Light or Upright

There are lots of good reasons to have indoor plants, even plants in the bathroom. They are beautiful, uplifting to look at and be around and they serve a practical purpose in keeping your home … [Read more...]

Pruning Ficus Trees: When And How

Ficus trees have a tendency to freak people out... It seems like as soon as the tree comes home, leaves start dropping. The last thing a Ficus tree owner was to think about is pruning. There are … [Read more...]

Growing Peperomia Plants: Care, Propagation, Pest and Disease

The world of peperomia comes in many varieties. Some you'll find down at the local garden center in the house plant section. Others are strictly for hobby collectors. Peperomias have … [Read more...]

Easy Care Pothos Plant

The Pothos – Jade Pothos, Golden Pothos and Marble Queen Pothos lead the way in houseplants. In fact, the Pothos is one of the - "Best indoor plants for clean air." So many people care for this … [Read more...]

Rubber Tree Plant Care: Elastica, Robusta, Decora, Burgundy

Ficus elastica - the rubber plant. Care for this rugged plant with shiny leaves is easy to learn. The rubber tree has been grown indoors as a houseplant for decades. It has been a plant which has … [Read more...]

Philodendrons in the Landscape

Philodendrons... the tropical foliage plants belonging to the Aroid family (Araceae). They are part of the popular family that brings us the peace lily - Spathiphyllum, Chinese evergreen - … [Read more...]

Soluble Salts On Houseplants Still A Problem

When Spring arrives trucks begin moving plants north to local garden centers and nurseries. In about a month we begin to receive a lot of the same questions dealing with plant care and go something … [Read more...]