Sago Palm Turning Yellow: 7 Reasons Why

Asian scale infestation on Sago

Is your Sago Palm leaves turning yellow? If so, you are not alone! First, understand that the Sago palm tree (Cycas revoluta) is not a true palm tree at all. In fact, it

How To Add Nitrogen To Soil

plants help add nitrogen to soil

If you’ve been gardening a while, you may have noticed a decline in the appearance of your plants.  For example, leaves may have become lackluster and yellow.  What could the

How To Grow and Care For Nasturtium Flowers

Orange Nasturtium flowers

The Nasturtium flower, a long time favorite treasured for its bright colors (like coleus plants), and low maintenance hardiness. You’ll find a wide number of nasturtium varieties available to suit

Lophospermum: How To Grow and Care For Mexican Twist

Flowers of the Lophospermum_erubescens also known as the Mexican Twist

Lophospermum [Lo-fo-sper-mum] plants are an herbaceous scrambler or climber species from the Plantaginaceae family along with: Veronica plant (Speedwell) Angelonia plant Russelia (Firecracker plant) Hebe Plants Traditionally these plants were