How To Grow and Care For Nasturtium Flowers

Orange Nasturtium flowers

The Nasturtium flower, a long time favorite treasured for its bright colors (like coleus plants), and low maintenance hardiness. You’ll find a wide number of nasturtium varieties available to suit

Lophospermum: How To Grow and Care For Mexican Twist

Flowers of the Lophospermum_erubescens also known as the Mexican Twist

Lophospermum [Lo-fo-sper-mum] plants are an herbaceous scrambler or climber species from the Plantaginaceae family along with: Veronica plant (Speedwell) Angelonia plant Russelia (Firecracker plant) Hebe Plants Traditionally these plants were

Learn Skimmia Japonica Growing and Care

Flowering Japanese Skimmia

Skimmia japonica ‘Rubella'[SKIM-ee-uh juh-PON-ih-kuh] is a compact flowering evergreen shrub which produces red fruits and belongs to the Rutaceae family. This shrubby species gets its name from its place of

Cannabis Transplant Shock

reduce cannabis transplant shock to seedlings

Like most other plants, transplanting is critical to the healthy growth of a cannabis plant.  But, for most gardeners, this is also the trickiest part of growing cannabis, or any