Glowing Walkway Real Or Fake?

We shared this photo in the past and wanted to make some corrections on the topic of “this image” and “glowing walkways.”

First to answer the question – the image is “fake.” This image was created by David Tejada and you can learn more about it here.


The image has been “used” at times and placed on pages to lead make people believe they can create this effect for their walkway with glow in the dark paint as you find here.

As for the topic of glowing walkways, there is a website called – glowstones.com – check them out to see their products also take a look at the idea of solar bricks.

Finally, there is a UK company called “Pro-Teq Surfacing UK Ltd” with some innovative re-surfacing methodology that could make “glowing walkways” light the way in the future! Their video is below: