4 Natural Recipes To Get Rid Of Aphids On Pepper Plants


Peppers are one crop people become very passionate about growing. Generally, bell to chili peppers do not require a lot of space, and add so much favor to food and dishes we enjoy. They can be grown in containers and pepper size ranges from as big as a softball to the size of a dime. From mild to fiery hot.

Serious pepper growers do not take very kindly to a family of aphids coming in and munching on the bounty. Folks like those at cheapvegetablegardener.com, try to handle aphids on peppers organically and have 4 aphid fighting recipes. They are:

  • Simple Aphid Killer Spray
  • Complex Aphid Killer Spray
  • Extra Spicy Aphid Killer Spray
  • US Department of Agriculture Mix

For more and the complete aphid killer recipes, click on the link below…

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