Garden Clean Up Tips For Fall and Winter


Just because the prime growing season has come to an unfortunate end doesn’t mean your garden can go without attention. Taking certain measures in the fall and winter can help ensure the garden will be in prime condition for spring and enhance its appearance.

Lisa Kaplan Gordon, at HouseLogic shares…

“If you have a mulcher, chop the weeds and throw them on your compost pile. If you want to be extra sure that weed seeds are dead, bag weeds in black plastic and place in a sunny place for a couple of months. The heat will kill the seeds. Then throw the cooked weeds on your compost pile.”

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The “living soil” of a garden needs care and attention by building it into rich and more mature garden soil. Making good compost, harvesting seeds for future crops and caring for growing supplies pays future dividends. What do you need to do now for fall and winter in the garden?

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