Fittonia Argyroneura: Is It A Plant Or A Group?

Fittonia argyroneura

How do you take a fantastic genus such as fittonia and make it bigger? Why, make countless cultivated Fittonia varieties, of course! That’s precisely what the Argyroneura Group, sometimes referred

Why Are My Fittonia Leaves Curling?

Fittonia leaves curling

Whether you have a Fittonia albivenis, Fittonia gigantea, or one of the Fittonia cultivars, there is no denying that Fittonias (fit-TOH-neeuh) are some of the most attractive houseplants in the Acanthaceae family. Fittonia plants hail

Why Is My Fittonia Getting Leggy – What To Do?

Leggy Fittonia plant

You may or may not have included Fittonia (fit-TOH-neeuh) in your houseplants before, but there’s little denying the attraction to the green leaves of these tropical plants. Common name includes

Fittonia Varieties: Popular Nerve Plants To Grow

assorted Fittonia varieties

Fittonias are a small genus with only two accepted species, plus three other plants currently under review to see if they’re varieties or separate species. Both Fittonia albivenis and Fittonia gigantea are native to