Be The Envy Of Your Neighbours With Original Outdoor Lighting Ideas


Get Creative All Year long

This season (no matter what it is) don’t put out the usual garden decorations you have been using year after year.

Perhaps you have been wishing for a new look garden for as long as you can remember but don’t know where to start.

If that’s the case stop wishing and start planning.

With these great ideas it is easy to be inventive and give your garden a new look just by adding some new lighting fixtures.

Let us walk you through some of the options available to you with our partner on this, PK Green.

Solar Lighting

Why not try out some solar lights (these are current Best Sellers)? Clean, renewable energy that costs you nothing to harness and use to power lights can help to add an exciting new dimension to your garden.

LED lights can be great sources of illumination that will let the garden party continue when the sun has dipped on those warm summer nights.

Speaking of warm summer nights, solar energy can also be harnessed to power outdoor fans. That’s right, solar energy is not just for powering lights. It can be easy and cost effective to set up a solar powered fan to cool off your conservatory or shed.

As pleasant as the warm summer air can be it can also be nice to chill out.

Light Up Your Water Feature

Perhaps you have a water feature in your garden that you installed some time ago and it has since gathered moss. A great way to once more make it a focal point is to treat it to some new lights.

Colour changing floating LED tealights can be a great way to go. They are long-lasting, colourful and really draw the eye.

If you have a pond you could be adventurous and try out some submersible underwater LED lights.

Most people love being around rippling water and if you have a water feature in your garden we assume you are one of them. Make the most of your pond or water feature by lighting it up and bringing the focus of your garden

Relax With Mood Lighting

Mood lighting is easy to bring into your garden, easy to maintain and comes in a variety of shapes and colours. The relaxing colours blend in with the natural hues of your outdoor space to create an environment that is relaxing and provides a means by which you can make more use of your garden.

Mood lighting is not just for lighting up your space, you can also use it as a practical piece of outdoor furniture. Use one of the mood lighting cubes as a small table upon which you can safely place glasses or small plates of nibbles.

A lot of the mood lighting products are waterproof so you can just leave the lights outside with no worries of them being damaged by that inevitable mid-summer downpour!

Just some creative ways you can outdoor lighting this summer to get the most out of your outdoor

Author Bio: Tanay Kharwadkar has been working in online retail for 8 years. He currently runs pkgreenshop, an online store which specialises in battery powered LED lights, small solar powered products and decorative items for the home, garden and camping environments.