How To Rescue and Recondition A Rusty, Old Cast Iron Skillet


I’ve convinced my wife we need to replace our cooking pans. It’s always veggie season in our house and lots of cooking involving a variety items in the pan (can you taste the peppers).

I want one of those old skillets that were made to last. She is concerned that those old cast iron pans could ever be brought back to life or useable. So off for some research and I wanted to share it with you.

From what I’ve read on these old rusty cast iron skillets or dutch ovens…

  • Never wash them with soap
  • Wire brush, sandpaper or scrub them with salt
  • Oil them down with flax seed, bacon grease, crisco or oil olive
  • To season them, oil them up and throw the whole pan in a campfire and let it cool

Old cast iron skillets have lots of life in them even when they are rusty and ugly looking. Check out the steps to rescue a cast iron skillet at:

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