Gift Plants: Tips On Selecting Orchids, Bromeliads, Palms and More

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Witches Hats + Fanta Can Luminaries

This video is presentation of a cool halloween food you can make for your spooky halloween party and also of a cool decoration you can make with household items. The food item is Ritz crackers … [Read more...]

Old Tenants Trashed Their Home… What The New Renter Did In Just 30 Days Is AMAZING

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Making A Coffee Pot Terrarium

This terrarium project by Enid of A Charming Project was inspired by her grandmother who she describes as a "classy lady" that loved roses, houseplants and an afternoon coffee. Enid, shares … [Read more...]

How To Make A Coffee Filter Snowman

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Facebook Fan Makes Spooky Tomato Cage Ghost

One of our Facebook Fans who happens to be my sister in law made these spooky tomato cage ghosts. This past weekend we were visiting and I shot some pictures. Very easy to make and creates a great … [Read more...]

Detox – 21 Day Morning Routine

We've all gone through that period where we can't stop eating tons of unhealthy food. One of the best things to improve your diet is to add more servings of fruits and vegetables to it daily. If … [Read more...]

Create A Nautical Landscape Theme With A Canoe Pond

It's always best to landscape with a plan. That is the #1 way to get the curb appeal you're looking for. Have you ever considered creating a nautical theme for a landscape design? This idea could … [Read more...]