DIY Succulent Garden Go Vertical

I’ve always enjoy seeing common plants presented in unusual ways. Recently, I ran across this current Best Seller at Amazon, a unique succulent collection of 20 plants.

Cactus and succulents can be planted and presented in interesting ways. Planted as a single plant in a classic terra cotta pot, in a unique owl planter like this one or grouped together in an attractive decorative planter.


Planting them vertically was not something I considered until running across the video below. A vertical succulent garden is an excellent way to “add some green” to a small balcony or covered patio.

When I first saw the video I looked at all the succulent plants and figured the idea looked like fun but figured I’d be spending a pocket full of money on plants!

I guess that’s what sent me to Amazon. But, being a little skeptical about the collection I took some time to read through the comments. There were lots of 5 Star reviews along with some “thumbs down”, but overall this succulent collection gets 4 Stars. It looks like a good place to start.

Maybe its about time you gave your balcony or backyard a spark and go vertical. This vertical Succulent Garden looks like the perfect place to start!

This video takes you through the simple step by step process! All you need is a collection of succulents, a few pieces of wood, some brackets, a piece of hardware cloth, a piece of acrylic and a few tools!

Soon, you will have your beautiful vertical succulent garden in your backyard and your guest will be asking where it came from. You can proudly tell them how you did it!