Make Cool Looking Lanterns With Blue Mason Jars


Spend any time on the web and you will run across projects which involve the use of mason jars, like this excellent tutorial. With all the chatter and post you would think they are something new.

The other day at Target I saw the limited edition Vintage Style Blue Jars Ball® that has been introduced to celebrate 100 years of mason jars. See they aren’t new.

Brandie at thecountrycook.net has a wonderful tutorial on making lanterns using blue mason jars.

I will admit the blue jars add an extra CHARM factor. The tutorial has lots of nice pictures and Brandie takes you by the hand and leads you step by step through the simple project.

Check out the complete “blue Jar” tutorial via thecountrycook.net

These would make a wonderful addition to your next outdoor garden party! Have you made anything with mason jars? Tell us here!