Best Way To Store Christmas Lights!

Once Christmas is over, my wife wastes no time in getting the Christmas tree down, ornaments packed and the lights put away. In fact, our tree is down already!

It would have been nice to learn this cool trick for putting the lights away. It’s a nice time saver. Even though our lights find themselves packed away I put a piece of paper with this link on it for next year.

Here’s what Shawn B. shared:

“When it comes time to put away your Christmas lights, I hope you remember this amazing decoration storage idea. My lights always tend to get all tangled, and no matter how nicely I store them, I always find them tangled next year when I open my decor box. Well, not anymore! I found this trick online and thought it was genius! You can organize large amounts of string lights and keep them from tangling just with a hanger. So this year when putting away your lights, do this trick and have an easy time putting up your lights next year.” [source]

Check out the video below: