Artificial Grass Always Greener On A Patio Or Deck


When we think about our own homes and the yards that occupy the front and the back of our houses, we often think about the green patches of grass.

They are the foundation of the yards and the color of the grass is often the most striking aspect of those spaces.

Mention artificial grass and some people get very upset. It does have it’s place!

Using synthetic grass in places like San Diego or Las Vegas and yes on a balcony, deck or patio can be an excellent option. It is a low maintenance way to cover a deck, and it actually is very lush, green and barefoot friendly.

Installing artificial grass on a deck is not that difficult. Order artificial turf in a roll and cut it to the desired specifications.

Since the grass is heavy, it does not need to be pinned down at all. It is also quite convenient since furniture can go on it without issue.