Bacopa Plant Care: How To Grow Annual Sutera Cordata

Flowering Bacopa (Sutera Cordata)

Sutera cordata [SOO-ter-uh kor-DAY-tuh] known as the Bacopa plant [buh-KOH-puh] is an attractive, creeping annual plant hailing from the rainier regions of South Africa and belongs to the family Scrophulariaceae.

Clarkia Wildflowers: Growing and Care

blooms of clarkia wildflowers

Clarkia [KLAR-kee-uh] is a self-seeding hardy annual plant and annual wildflower apart of the Evening Primrose family (Onagraceae). Clarkia wildflowers are so-called because they were “discovered” growing on the coastal

Snapdragon Care: Tips On Growing The Snapdragon Flower

colorful snapdragon plants in full flower

The snapdragon plants –  Antirrhinum majus [an-TEE-ry-num MAY-jus] are old-fashioned plants native to the Mediterranean. Snapdragons add a great deal of color, charm, and fragrance to a sunny flower garden throughout the

How To Care For The Celosia Plant

The attractive Celosia plant from the Amaranth family goes by the common names of woolflowers, cockscomb flower and “Flamingo Feather.” The unusual looking annual flowers can bloom for up to ten