3 All Natural Pest Control For The Garden

natural pest control for the garden

Natural Pest Control For The Garden

None of us like to deal with pest in the garden or on our plants. Instead of reaching for chemicals, there are natural solutions. Many of these ingredients can be found in your kitchen or in the grocery produce department.

Hot Peppers

Many people cannot stomach hot peppers and it seems that pest are not too pleased with it either. Over at the gardening section of (#1) WonderHowTo they share several 100% natural solution recipes. One using hot peppers and another with turmeric.

Do not assume that the word – Natural – means you will not have issues. Make sure you wear gloves when handling hot peppers!

Insecticidal Soap

Another natural pest control option is by making your own insecticidal soap using (#2) castile soap. It is easy and simple. Hort Magazine has an easy to follow 3 step tutorial on making it. They also provide some guidelines on how to use insecticidal soap. Beware some plants react negatively.

When growing plants, and controlling pest you first need to make sure that the pests are actually damaging the plant.

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Old World Garden Farms has many great, informative post and (#3) this one is another, a simple natural red pepper/garlic formula they use to kill the bugs on their plants.

I always try the natural route with pest control when possible. If making your own is not for you another great insecticide option is Neem Oil insecticide, which you can now buy at most garden centers.

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