This Balcony Table Had A Makeover… What Do You Think?

Making your own table to set on the balcony of your apartment can seem like a fairly daunting task. Taking a great looking table and refinishing it is another story.

Even though you may not have the technical know how, this pictorial guide will aid you in making the the perfect table for any occasion!

The old teak table needed some attention, so this imgur user roiscoptor decided to give it some TLC and make sure he had the coolest table and all of his neighbors would be jealous.

After years of sitting outdoors on the patio this looked a little weathered. The table looks to have good bones and a nice design.

via imgur

Here’s the table after one sanding. The table was sanded again with 100 and 120 sandpaper.

via imgur

Even the underside received a good sanding.

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After sanding the table received 2 coats of bees wax.

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The finished table looks completely different compared the chairs. Looks like the chairs will be the next project.

via imgur

The interesting part of this “overhaul” – only sandpaper and bees wax were used. Lots of step by step details in picture form. Details via imgur

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