16 Gorgeous Agave Plants For Pots And Sunny Locations


Agaves can be wonderful potted editions for the garden especially when “dressed” in stylish decorative containers. They look great used as stand alone specimens in sunny locations.

Agaves are not very “kid friendly” with their spiny points.

Variegated, red edges, gray green, green, plump and skinny leaves give them a simple beauty hard to describe.

Check out the 16 interesting Agave options for use as potted plants or in sunny areas around your home at the via Sunset

This video looks at growing Agaves in North Carolina and the best ones for your garden.


Agave plants also make wonderful potted specimens for the patio. Separating and diving the “pups” from the mother plant is easy… a little wiggling along with some roots and you are good to go.

Jeff Moore of Solana Succulents in California, shows how to divide and transplant along with the basics of watering and drainage. Watch the video below:

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Agaves come in many sizes, make excellent container specimens and handle being root bound very well.

For example: Agave lurida – smooth slender leaves, easy care, 24-28 inches, yellow-striped margins, loves full sun, will thrive in medium – high light interiors.

When grown in pots agaves can be moved around to provide sun or shade as needed.

Potted Requirements

Learn more details about growing agave in containers via HortMag

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