Accent Lighting Don’t Forget the Landscape

Have you been spending time decorating your home, but feel like there is just something is missing?

Accent lighting can be that missing element to pull it all together, inside and also in the landscape.

A feature piece in a room can easily be overlooked if not placed in the right spot or if there is nothing to call attention to it. The same holds true in a landscape at night.



Accenting a foundation planting, palm or tree with a wash of light can create a dramatic affect. It’s like spending lots of time finding the perfect piece to fit into a corner of the room but no one notices it?

Accent lighting such as malibu lighting can call attention to specific areas, walkways, provide safety or show off pieces you are proud of.

I have a rock which looks like a piece of artwork that is just fabulous. To me, it glows. For some time I found that no one even noticed it when they came up the walk.

It was at the main walkway where I thought logically, everyone would see it, but rarely did anyone ever comment on it. Until I got the perfect light to accent the landscape rock and bring it into everyone’s view.

Suddenly, people were asking me where found this fabulous rock artwork, yet it had been there for over a year. You can do the same thing with any plants, rocks, water features, walkways, a piece of artwork, a family heirloom, or even with a piece of furniture.

Bonus Accents with Lighting

Another bonus of accent lights, you can buy them in almost any style. In the landscape you can find low voltage, bright and cheap solar malibu lighting, copper lighting fixtures and buy pieces meant for a conservative decor or a more traditional look.

I tend to like clean lines and a more minimalist or metropolitan design, as the key to this type of design is usually a very subtle approach.

By using lighting to accent features in a landscape you draw the eye to specific “items of interest” and make it more appealing to the eye.

Another facet important in home and landscape design is the mood. Usually, in the evening, bright, garish lighting is completely inappropriate.

Who wants to eat dinner around a table with a bright light shining in your eyes? No one of course. But you don’t want to be unable to see your food either!

Taking advantage of lighting to accent patio areas can be the perfect solution for outdoor dining. Aside from the already mentioned fact that it calls attention to key pieces in the landscape design (which can be great for encouraging conversation during dinner); it also sets a mood for the meal.

Soft lighting, under lighting, floor lighting all soft and subtle ways of lighting an area and making a meal more pleasurable.

It encourages conversation (most people are more likely to speak freely in soft lights than in bright lighting) and helps people to feel relaxed.

Lighting always has many benefits – highlighting and accenting adds more drama. It can be the final touch that brings the rooms and he outdoors completely together.

Best of all, it doesn’t have to break your budget. You can find affordable lighting are unique and an interesting feature for the landscape or any room in your house.