9 Garden Privacy Tips You Don’t Want To Miss


What can you do if you’re stuck living next door to people that you’re not particularly fond of? Whether your next door neighbors don’t know how to mind their own business, they’re too loud, or you’d just like a little more privacy.

Maybe you wish looking outside didn’t involve a plain parking lot and an unsightly dead tree or that your nosy and annoying neighbors weren’t neighbors at all?

Here are some post that will give you ideas of how to dramatically transform your back yard or patio into a more private space.

You don’t need to spend thousands to relocate when there are cheap and effective solutions to improve your home’s view and privacy. Houselogic.com gives 9 Tips For Garden Privacy and ways you can get rid of ugly views and nosy neighbors. Here’s one:

Gimme Shelter
“In close quarters with neighbors all around, you’ll want to create privacy from above as well as the side. This cozy patio area is sheltered by a Craftsman-style fence (check out those tapered columns) that supports an overhead pergola. The pergola rafters shield views from second-story windows in nearby houses.” source: Houselogic.com

This post from zillowblog.com is illustrated with great photos, and list to help you get the privacy you deserve!