50 Creative Organization Ideas For You Home


Taking care of a home can be a demanding job. Keeping it clean an organized takes work. As a homeowner for 40 years, I know from experience. I try to keep things simple and organized.

This Freshome post gives many examples of places around your house you may not be taking into consideration for storing and organizing things.

The first example is under the bed… my wife would not go for it cause growing up she always had item under the bed!

However, they sell items online and at stores like Walmart specifically for under the bed storage and organizing. If you’re tight on space they can help get a lot into as little space.

The next example is the furniture in our home. If space is small it is a good idea to get furniture with storage built into it.

One last example is on the wall or behind the door. You can purchase organizers that help your get much more from your space. For more details and 50 ideas, visit: from your wall.

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