30 Magical Zen Gardens

zen garden

When most of us hear the term “Japanese Garden” we assume it is the same as a Zen garden. Power that’s not the case.

Koji Morimoto who immigrated to the US in 1992, designs and maintains Japanese gardens for clients throughout Kansas City.

Koji when interviewed by the The Kansas City Star shared that “A Zen garden is what most people know, where the monks rake the gravel every morning, but that is just one aspect. There could be a healing garden or tea gardens for a tea ceremony.

There are always paths and maybe a bridge. And there is always a water element. The most popular is a koi pond, but having one is like mowing — it has to be maintained every week.” Read the full interview Via kansascity.com

So we just learned that either Koji doesn’t like mowing grass or extra maintenance is minimized.

Whatever the case I’ve always enjoyed the simple beauty of the Japanese garden – Zen or not!

zen garden stone

A good homemade Zen garden uses stones, rocks, water, moss, plants, trees, bushes and sand to create a peaceful highly stylized look.

In Asia, Zen gardens have been used for many centuries as an aid in meditation. Here’s a nice collection of 30 Magical Zen Gardens via architectureartdesigns.com