$3 Bucks To Make Beautiful Glowing Outdoor Lamps?


Have you ever wanted to add that little extra POP, style and class to your garden or patio… but were tight on a budget?

Over at the Art Of Doing Stuff, they have a wonderful project to add that extra touch. When your guest experience it you’ll be giggling at how easy and cheap it was.

These outdoor lighting orbs cost almost nothing to create a giant impact.

Check at garage sales, Goodwill, Home Improvement stores or dollar stores for lighting orbs. Look for ways to get them cheap!

Next get a string of LED Christmas lights, stuff them inside, plug them in… Done! You’ll be recycling the orbs, using energy efficient lights and creating some real impact!

Read the full article, with more images on making these glowing outdoor orbs at: Glowing Outdoor Orbs or at: apartmenttherapy.com.

Image: source

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