2000 + Amazing Uses For WD-40 In The Home and Garden


Garden tools come in many shapes and sizes, from a label, hand tool or powered by motors and even the garden potting bench.

However, one tool which should be in every gardener’s toolbox and home is a can of WD-40. It’s has so many uses. Here are just seven around the house uses:

  • Protect A Bird Feeder
  • Separate Stuck Glassware
  • Get Off A Stuck Ring
  • Exterminate Roaches & Repel Insects
  • Remove Chewing Gum from Hair
  • Remove Tough Scuff Marks
  • Wipe Away Tea Stains

In fact, at the WD-40 site they have put together a 10 page PDF listing over 2000 plus uses for it. Go to wd40.com for the 10 page PDF.