12 Easy Tricks To Help Your Garden Grow


Every gardener, whether a seasoned green thumb or new comer, is always looking out for new tips and tricks to help their garden thrive.

This collection you can save time, money and frustration while keeping your garden top notch. From recycling household products, save those toilet paper roles and milk jugs, to tips on growing your own celery.

This list has a multitude of tips to help everybody look and grow like a pro.

1. Add Coffee Grounds To Your Garden… Enrich Soil and Repel Insects


Coffee grounds keeps ants and other critters away from your plants and enriches your soil. Next time you brew up some morning coffee spread the used coffee grounds out in the garden. 12 Uses For Coffee In The Garden

2. Use Baking Soda To Grow Better, Sweeter Tomatoes


Do you want to grow the sweetest tomatoes? Once a week sprinkle some baking soda right around the top of the dirt near the plant, but not touching the plant itself. The baking soda will lower the acidity level of the soil, lowering the acidity of the tomatoes themselves making them less tart and more sweet.

3. Grow Celery From Your Store-Bought Celery


Everyone enjoys fresh vegetables, especially when you’ve grown them in your own garden.

Did you know you can grow celery for yourself by using parts of celery that you buy from a grocery store or market? It’s easy and fun, too.

Just follow a few simple steps to grown your own celery. There are many other plants you can regrow. Details here.-

4. Turn A Milk Jug Into A Potting Scoop


Plastic milk jugs take up lots of space in the garbage can, even if we crush them.

By making just a few quick snips with a pair of scissors, you can instantly turn that jug into a set of gardening tools, including shovels, funnels, and garden tags.

5. Keep Garden Tools in Sand To Keep Them from Rusting

In less than two minutes, you’ll learn a simple technique of using a sand barrel to keep your garden tools clean. Let’s face it, garden tools aren’t cheap, protecting those tools will also protect your wallet.

6. Make It Easy To Swap Out Plants Each Season With Pot-in-Pot


Flowers can really make a property come to life. Easily swap out your flowers each season or year by planting them in their planters using the pot-in-pot.

7. Keep Plants Watered When Out Of Town Using Paper Towels


This great tip for keeping your plants well hydrated, with the help of a simple paper towel. Go away for a few days without worrying about having someone water your plants.

8. Use A Shoe Rack To Make A Vertical Garden


A pocket shoe organizer can have some surprising functions. For example, that shoe rack can be used to create more green space by becoming a vertical garden. Grow herbs or pretty little plants, the possibilities are endless!

9. Toilet Paper Starter Pots


Making this biodegradable mini-planter is pretty simple – scissors and a toilet paper or paper towel roll is all that’s required. You should be able to see what to do from the image.

10. Make A Watering Can From A Milk Jug


It’s always nice to have a convenient watering can handy. No need to buy one! Make one yourself with a milk jug to deliver a delicate watering to your plants.

11. Use A Can Of Beer To Repel Slugs


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Snails and slugs can be somewhat of a nuisance in your garden. Did you know you can get rid of these common pests with beer? Watch the video and learn the simple steps.

12. Use A Coffee Filter To Keep Soil Where It Belongs


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Have trouble with soil clogging up the drain holes of your pots in the past and don’t know what to do to work around that?

A simple and easy technique is to just use coffee filters around the base of the pot and that way the water can flow through but the soil will stay in place.

They won’t affect the health of the plant at all but will make things so much easier for you.