11 Home Renovations That Are Not Worth the Money

If you’re looking to increase your home value or to do several home renovations, you should know that some upgrades or renovations are valuable while others will not increase home valuable for potential home buyers.

Here are 11 of the most popular home renovations that aren’t worth the money.

#1 – Putting In A Swimming Pool

A backyard swimming pool might sound like a valuable investment to you and can be if you plan to live in your home for many years to enjoy it. Otherwise, don’t think about it.

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Yes, it may increase the appeal of your home to buyers, but it comes at a very high cost that you won’t be able to recoup even after selling your home.

It will have wasted your finances, time, and the space in your yard.

When it comes to selling, the swimming pool will limit your options to only buyers who want a home with one.

Just ask why you haven’t installed one to date, and you’ll understand precisely why it isn’t worth all the effort. In fact, it will turn off buyers with young children as it will pose a safety risk for young ones. sources [1] [2]

#2 – Highly Personalized And Customized Designs

Your taste for kitchen design might not be the idea for everyone. Unless you’re planning to stay in a house for many years, think twice about upgrading and making renovations that are too customized or personalized.

Choosing a beveled countertop edge that is ornate and complex, rather than a standard beveled edge, might turn off home buyers whose taste doesn’t blend with yours.

In fact, having an overly customized home may turn off buyers because it will require them to incur a lot of money to change the house so that it suits their tastes.

However, simple things like a specific type of tile, or kitchen backsplash might not matter most to buyers.

#3 – Back-up Power Generator

A backup power generator may seem to add value to your house, but in reality, that isn’t the case. While it may act as bait to potential buyers, your expensive investment might not only yield half returns.

Unless you live in suburbs where they are in plenty and are necessary, it might be better to channel your investment to other basic structures of the house which the buyers are willing to pay.

Unless you want to live in a house for many more years to come or have a process that cannot run without power, having a backup generator might not just be worth an investment.

#4 – Expanding The Master Bedroom

Many homeowners might start demolishing the walls of the house to expand the master bedroom or increase the walk-in closet.

While you might be deceived to think that a massive master bedroom or oversized closet will help sell your home, you should never expand them at the expense of reducing the number of the bedrooms.

A three-bedroom house will attract many more buyers than a two-bedroom home, no matter how big the master bedroom is or how large the closets are. source

#5 – Adding A Sunroom

A sunroom might be a better way to host family and friends in the summer months. However, it can fail to attract potential home buyers, especially in colder climatic areas.

This is because; it can only be used for a small portion of the year.

For the homes with a limited backyard, setting up a sunroom will limit the precious green space, which means that you’ll miss out on potential buyers who love to garden, or a family that want an area where the kids can play.

#6 – Garage Addition

The aspirational garage is a great addition to a home. You can have it equipped with all the necessity of a garage but at the end of it all, put off the potential buyers.

Unless you are planning to live in your home for many years, a garage might not be a valuable addition to your house.

You can enjoy it during the time you’ll be living there, but understand that it might not make sense to your home buyer and probably they might not pay anything near the full constructions cost for it.

#7 – Renovating With Top-Notch Materials

While you might be attracted to rare hardwood flooring or those top-notch faucets, you’ll rarely recover the money you spent for such high-end upgrades.

Yes, the material might be eye-catching, but many potential buyers are only interested in the basics of the home and not the trends and fashions used.

In additional, a home with a customized esthetic can turn off potential buyers who would prefer to customize it to their preferences.

An over-the-top color scheme or gaudy chandelier can scare away the buyers as well. Therefore, stick to a more conservative approach if you intend to sell your house in future.

#8 – Built-In Bookcase And Wall Units

Additional storage space tops the list on most buyers’ considerations, but built-in bookcases and television units aren’t.

Furthermore, people have their own options, and many would like to choose something that suits their preferences,

They don’t want a constant reminder of your presence or your décor in their newly acquired home. Also, the built-in wall units and bookcases compress the rooms making them appear smaller.

Therefore, next time you think of having built-in wall units and bookcase, think of it as a ticking time bomb that is becoming outdated. source

#9 – Room Conversions

Any major room conversion such as turning a bedroom into a gym or home office can be a great turn off to potential buyers.

It’ll be worse if you have invested heavily in state of the art wiring and built-ins that will require significant resources and efforts to remove.

Your home might lose value if one of the bedrooms is unusable in its current state.

#10 – Home Theater Installations

You might think that having leather seats and a projection screen for showing movies is a clever idea to use the space in your home, but be careful as buyers might not be attracted to your idea.

They might prefer to utilize the space like a bedroom or a home office instead.

This will force them to pull all the customization and high-end tech equipment you spent a fortune on, which they certainly won’t be willing to pay additional money for. source

#11 – Finished Basements

Finished basements can be a gamble that can either pay off or fail to. If you’re planning to live in your house for a while, then a basement can be a great addition to your living space. Home buyers can love them as well.

Unfortunately, many aren’t always willing to pay for them. If you intend to sell your home in future, you can have a DIY finished basement, rather than a full-scale finished done by a contractor.

Also, you can keep your basement unfinished and advertise it when selling your home. This way, it will be a win-win situation for both of you as the buyer will be happy to make the finishing and at the same time, it’ll have assisted you to market the house.

The Bottom Line

While it’s not possible to rule out that all the above home renovations are not worth the money, going full-length in setting them up is what hurts, as most buyers won’t be willing to match the cost you spent in installing them.

If you’re planning to sell your home in future, avoid making such expensive renovations and upgrades.