10 Tips For Smart Side Yard Ideas and Solutions


Side yards play an important role in landscaping and tying the front and backyard together. One way to link the spaces together is by using some of the same plants from both areas of the garden to match the styles.

BHG.com offers some good ideas for ways to get your side yard in action. Here are a few ideas to get some creativity going:

Here’s one with more details:

Link the front and back yards together
“If you’ve landscaped your front and back yard, link them with an attractive side-yard garden. For the best effect, match the style and use some of the same plants on the side that you do in the front and in the back.

Garden Tip: Leave a partial view from the front to the back to create an illusion that makes your yard feel larger.”

Personally, I like having and area to grow vegetables, flowers or herbs but also growing all of these in containers.

For all the tips and ideas to transform you side yard check out: BHG – Side-Yard Solutions

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