Phalaenopsis Orchid Care: Tips For Growing The Moth Orchid

Moth Orchids (Phalaenopsis) are often the first experience an aspiring orchid grower may have with orchid care. This native of southeast Asia is one of the most beautiful, and also extraordinarily … [Read more...]

Ficus Pandurata: The Fiddleleaf Fig Tree

The fiddle-leaf fig is the common name for Ficus Lyrata or Ficus Pandurata comes from the family Moraceae. The plant gets its name from its large leaves which resemble the case of a fiddle or violin. … [Read more...]

Growing The Azalea Plant: How To Care For The Azalea Flower

Summary: Azalea plants are excellent and brilliant landscape plants and growing azaleas is not difficult - easy grow, propagate and transplant. Question: We have heard azalea plants make good … [Read more...]

How To Grow Virginia Bluebells

The Virginia Bluebells, a spring ephemeral, is one of the most delightful flowers in the early Spring garden. A low-growing herbaceous perennial plant that’s hardy, content with average soil in … [Read more...]

Why And How To Use Lady Bugs In The Garden

Lady bugs, the little round red color bug with black spots, oh, who cannot identify lady bug? We all have known it from childhood days! They are the most desired beneficial insects gardeners love in … [Read more...]

Nandina Domestica Plant – The Heavenly Bamboo

When used correctly, the Heavenly Bamboo Nandina domestica is a garden shrub to be treasured the whole length of the West Coast and beyond. Though unrelated to the bamboo species, it may be put to … [Read more...]

10 Small Balcony Garden Ideas: How To Dress Up Your Balcony

If you live in the city with limited outdoor space, you know the struggle of bringing beautiful greenery into your life. Luckily, even a small patio or small balcony garden, can transform into a small … [Read more...]

Stargazer Lily: How To Care For Stargazer Lilies

If you love naturally, beautiful flower arrangements in your garden, include the stargazer lily! The Stargazer lily (Lilium), an oriental lily hybrid, is a beautiful addition will surely become a star … [Read more...]

HOW TO Plant, Grow And Care For The Colorful Periwinkle Plant

The periwinkle plant - Catharanthus roseus or lochnera rosea, also known as rosy periwinkle, is a lovely small plant that grows outside very well but also finds itself at home in a summer … [Read more...]

Flagstone: How To Jazz Up Your Landscape With Flagstone

Flagstone has many uses in the landscape. From striking walkways and patios as steps and flooring, to a fun fire pit or water feature, flagstone can jazz up the landscape. With so many types of … [Read more...]