Tips On Putting Garden Tools Away For Winter: Cleaning and Storing

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Margaret Rose Realy shares the last step in putting the garden to bed for the season is the cleaning and storing of tools. This goes beyond wiping off the shovels and trowels.

After soaking and wire brushing the dirt and soil off the shovels, spades, forks and planters, let them dry.

Gather and drain hoses, sprinklers and watering wands. Coil drained hoses into ring, connect hose ends to keep debris and bugs out. Lay hoses flat or hang… make sure to prevent kinking.

Sharpen tools, send out pruning saws if needed for edging. Clean handles, wipe down with linseed oil and lubricate hinges of tools.

For more details on cleaning and storing tools for winter, read the full article at the link below…

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