Growing Agave in Containers

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Agaves come in many sizes, make excellent container specimens and handle being root bound very well.

For example: Agave lurida – smooth slender leaves, easy care, 24-28 inches, yellow-striped margins, loves full sun, will thrive in medium – high light interiors.

When grown in pots agaves can be moved around to provide sun or shade as needed.

Potted Requirements

  • When planting keep crown above soil line
  • Soil should dry slowly but drain well. Mix – equals parts sharp sand, compost and a good potting mix
  • During growing season begin with a dry balanced fertilizer, as the season progresses feed with liquid fertilizer once a month
  • Provide plenty of light, most varieties agaves will handle full when potted

To learn more details about growing agave in containers, read the full article at the link below…

Growing Agave in Containers

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