Are Your Impatiens Infected With The Disease Ravaging Landscapes?

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Across the country millions of flowers are under threat from a powdery mildew disease ravaging landscapes in 32 states. When it hits it is devastating but can be managed according to Colleen Warfield, plant pathologist for Ball Horticulture. Powdery mildew disease attacking Impatiens was first thought to be frost damage.

What it does… Infected plants can look healthy, it hits hard, turning previous lush mounds into a tangled mess of gnarled stems.

When it happens… The pathogen seems to tolerate warm days, as evening temperatures drop into the upper 50s or lower 60s, it’s ideal for the disease to develop.

What now? Remove offending plant material ASAP, bury or burn it. Don’t replant, think about alternative plantings. To learn more about this devastating impatiens infection, read more at the link below…

Are Your Impatiens Infected

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