Planning Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Summary: Planning outdoor lighting allows you to explore many potential outdoor lighting ideas, types of … [Read More...]


Foundation Planting – Living With Large Glass Windows

Question: The front of our house has a lot of glass. Design wise is it a good idea to use "less plants" and in … [Read More...]


Rootone Dip For More And Better Plants From Cuttings

Rootone has long been used by nurserymen and propagation specialist as a "secret weapon" in rooting … [Read More...]


Make A Lush Living Succulent Wreath [Tutorial]

Wreaths don't always have to be made out of plastic or flowers and leaves that are sure to wilt. A wreath can … [Read More...]


Succulents Dish It Out Even In The Heat [Video]

For added green to your garden or living space that is easy to take care of, consider filling a pot with … [Read More...]


Outdoor Walkway Lighting Think Safety First Artistic Later

When your landscape lighting plan consist of lighting walkways, pathways, steps, driveways and parking areas, … [Read More...]


Gardenia Pests And Diseases

Normally, gardenias grown outside are attacked by only a few insects and one serious disease. Gardenia … [Read More...]

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